Best 3 Digital Scales for Cannabis

Best 3 Digital Scales for Cannabis

We have reached the most celebrated month of all time for stoners everywhere: an entire month of 4/20! With all the celebrating you plan to do, make sure you have...

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The Truweigh Wave Digital Washdown Scale sits in a white sink after being cleaned. There is water on the platform and screen, and the screen is turned on, reading 0.0g

Spring Cleaning, Time to Think About Scale Maintenance

It's time for spring cleaning! Bust out your scale and get into all those little crevices dust and debris has been collecting in for months. Keeping your scale in good...

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The new design of the Truweigh Sonic compact pocket scale in red. The cover is lifted to reveal the platform and digital screen.

Meet the New, Simplified Sonic Digital Scale!

We're releasing a new-and-improved version of our popular Sonic mini scale! This new version will include a red option, and we've simplified the interface to have just two buttons. Learn...

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The Truweigh General Bench Scale weighs a pile of letters being prepared for post. The bench is on a desk with a box of tissues in the background.

Use a Digital Bench Scale to Save Money on Your Online Business

The best way to manage your online business in the most efficient way is to invest in an accurate digital scale so you can make sure you don’t overpay for...

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A white man's hand is giving a scale on the wood floor the middle finger

Common Causes of Inconsistent Digital Scale Readings

A lot of the consistency and accuracy in your digital scale readings depends on the environment and incorrect calibration. If your scale doesn’t seem to be giving correct or consistent...

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Small, white, female hands cradle an edible water bubble while resting on a blue counter with white graph lines. Credit to Left Brain Craft Brain

Win the Science Fair with Edible Water Bubbles

This recipe for edible water bubbles is perfect for teachers, parents and babysitters on a rainy day. Teaching kids how to use a digital scale is a great skill to have...

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A pile of calibration weights of all different values is centered in the gram against a totally white background.

Calibration and Digital Scale Dos and Don'ts

Digital scales are a great tool for many different applications, from food prep right through to science and industrial use. It is important to calibrate your digital scale to ensure...

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A pretty young brunette woman reads a recipe in her kitchen as she prepares to make a meal. She has all sorts of ingredients on the counter in front of her, and pots, pans, cutting boards and knives can be seen on the counter behind her.

5 Essentials for the Healthy Home Chef

Innovations in kitchen appliances over the years have enabled us to be able to make restaurant-quality meals at a moment’s notice. Here are the tools you need to have ready to...

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Red Velvet heart-shaped cookies for Valentine's Day. Stacks of cookies with pink, yellow or green frosting are arranged, and the pink cookie on top of the front stack has a bite taken out of it. Photo credit to the Baking a Moment blog

Red Velvet Cookie Recipe for Valentine's Day

By actually weighing your ingredients rather than measuring them by volume, you get much more of an accurate measurement. Luckily, weighing ingredients isn’t as difficult as you might think.

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Two square white plates are next to each other with a knife and fork on either side, both on a table with a red and white checkered tablecloth. The left plate has a large portion of spaghetti and meat sauce and the right plate has a much smaller portion.

Getting Healthy in 2020? The Best Digital Kitchen Scales

Your digital kitchen scale can give accurate and consistent measurements meaning you can actively manage your portion sizes as well as make great tasting food. It is important to have...

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