The new design of the Truweigh Sonic compact pocket scale in red. The cover is lifted to reveal the platform and digital screen.

Meet the New, Simplified Sonic Digital Scale!

We have good news for fans of our Sonic digital mini scales—we’re releasing a brand new version with features designed to simplify and enhance your weighing experience! This super lightweight mini scale is portable, easy to use and sleek. You’ll never want to leave the house without it!


The new, patented design increases readability with a larger LCD display and high-contrast white backlight, so you can rely on it even in the dark or extreme light. Since we’re all about simplicity here, we reduced the original three-key operation to just two—one for calibration and one for Tare/Zero. Less is more! We even added a bright red option for our 100g model to make the new design even sleeker.


Even with these awesome upgrades, our favorite benefits of the original Sonic scale are still present in the new model. Weighing less than half a pound, the Sonic is one of our most portable scales, making it effective for a variety of applications. Just toss it in your purse or backpack and trust the hard cover to protect the scale for years to come. It even looks a bit like a makeup compact, so know one will bother to ask any obnoxious questions about it if they catch a glimpse!


We still offer both versions of the Sonic: our larger capacity 600g x 0.1g, and our super precise 100g x 0.01g. Our 0.01g option is especially perfect for weighing medications. Your health depends on every milligram, so its crucial those measurements are accurate and precise. Because the Sonic measures miniscule amounts of material and acknowledges every hundredth of a point, it’s also great for tapering off from a medication or even making sure you don’t get ripped off from a dealer.


There are other features we love about the Sonic, too, that will still be present in the new design. The hinged cover doubles as a removable weighing tray for added versatility and easy measuring on the go (hello, campers and travelers!). This way, you can keep all your materials contained, avoid any mess and ensure you don’t lose any of the medication or ingredient being measured. The Sonic will also still include an auto-off feature that’s triggered after three minutes of inactivity to extend your battery life. And, as is true with all our scales, the Sonic features overload protection so it remains durable and effective for as long as it’s needed.


Lightweight, versatile and now with a modern design, the Sonic is a must-have for patients, crafters, bakers, campers and more. If you’ve been meaning to taper off from a medication, increase the accuracy of your medication or ingredients, or conserve on crafting supplies or other materials, try out the updated Sonic. Its ease of use, readability and convenient features make it a perfect starter scale. Don’t be surprised if you start weighing things for fun with this cute compact—check out the Sonic digital scale today!