The Truweigh Wave Digital Washdown Scale sits in a white sink after being cleaned. There is water on the platform and screen, and the screen is turned on, reading 0.0g

Spring Cleaning, Time to Think About Scale Maintenance

While you’re still hunkered up inside this winter, cleaning up your space is a constructive and fun way to spend your time. We often think of spring cleaning as big projects like organizing the garage or deep cleaning the refrigerator, but you can start even smaller with the devices and appliances you use every day. It feels great to give all your belongings a fresh start before the last bit of snow melts. Your digital scale is a nice, small place to start!

 A female hand holds the green Truweigh Tuff-Weigh with a green and white toothbrush in front of a sink, preparing to clean the scale.

It’s important to maintain your scale with day-to-day cleaning, but it’s also beneficial to deeply clean your scale a couple times a year. Especially if you use your scale to weigh food or liquid materials, sticky residue can quickly build up in hidden spots. Even if you use your scale for dry substances, dust and environmental debris can get stuck in the seams of your scale. Your scale needs to perfectly support the item you’re weighing, so buildup underneath the scale can affect accuracy and calibration. Invisible dust buildup on top of the pan can also add weight to the object on the scale.


Luckily, it’s pretty simple to maintain your scale! Here are our tips for slaying your scale spring cleaning.


  1. Use a dry toothbrush or to gently sweep away debris and residue from the entire scale. You may also opt for a pipe cleaner to get in smaller seams of the scale.


  1. Wipe fingerprints off platform with a microfiber cloth. The oil from our fingers can build up and actually affect calibration!


  1. Remove the pan from the scale if you can to provide a deeper clean without disturbing the technology of the scale.


  1. If you choose to use liquid cleaning products on your scale, opt for gentle solutions like purified water. Avoid harsh chemicals like ethanol that react with other substances you may have on the scale later.


  1. Be gentle with your scale. Pressing down on it, turning it upside down and shaking it can all damage the mechanics inside the scale.


  1. Recalibrate to ensure accurate readings moving forward. Even moving your scale or removing the pan and replacing it can affect calibration, so it’s important to recalibrate each time.

 The Truweigh Wave Digital Washdown scale is on a granite counter weighing a bowl of a rice dish. The food is spilled all over the scale and counter.

If you’d rather skip the deep cleaning altogether, our Marine and Wave make cleaning even easier. Not only are these scales water-resistant, they’re also dust-resistant. Without the build-up of dust and residue, your scale will continue to perform as if it were new for years to come. Plus, even a minor splash slip-up can damage or even ruin other scales. Just run the Marine or Wave under warm water after each use without worrying about damaging it.


With your scale thoroughly cleaned and properly calibrated, you can have peace of mind that you’re getting just the right amount of that medication, ingredient or serving. Just make a kickass cleaning playlist, bust out the supplies and get your scale spring cleaning on!