A pile of calibration weights of all different values is centered in the gram against a totally white background.

Calibration and Digital Scale Dos and Don'ts

Top tips for calibrating your digital scale

Digital scales are a great tool for many different applications, from food prep right through to science and industrial use. It is important to calibrate your digital scale to ensure that it is providing a precise measurement.

We have some great resources to help guide you through the process and all of our scales come with a quick-start guide and include step by step instructions on how to calibrate your scale. 

In this blog we will provide a short how to overview as well as some important tips to make sure that your scale is calibrated correctly.

How to calibrate your digital scale?

A white female hand holds the orange Truweigh Tuff-Weigh digital scale with the cover open showing the entire scale. The scale is held outside against a grassy background.

The following steps will walk through the calibration process for a Tuff-weigh scale.  All our scales come pre-calibrated but it is worth re-calibrating as there can have been movement with shipping etc.

  1. Prepare the required weight for your scale.
  2. Find a flat and level surface to perform calibration and let the scale adjust to room temperature.
  3. Press ON/OFF to turn the scale on and wait for the scale to stabilize.
  4. Press and hold the MODE key until you see CAL on the display screen.
  5. Make sure nothing is on the platform then press MODE again to confirm the zero point.
  6. The display will then flash the require calibration weight.
  7. Place your 100g calibration weight on the center of the scale
  8. Remove the calibration weight
  9. Press the TARE button
  10. Add the 100g calibration weight again
  11. Turn off and you are ready to use the scale

Watch our helpful Youtube video if you would prefer to calibrate your scale whilst watching the instructions.

Our top dos and don’ts when it comes to effective scale calibration

The Truweigh Omni digital scale is being calibrated with a 100g official calibration weight. The screen is on and reads 100g, and the scale sits on a white marble counter.


  • Use an “official” calibration weight.
  • Calibrate before starting to use your scale.
  • Calibrate your scale in the location where you are going to be using it.
  • Calibrate if the scale has been knocked/moved around a lot in transit.


  • Use a DIY calibration weight like a bag of sugar or a nickel – might not be accurate.
  • Calibrate on an uneven surface.
  • Forget to TARE to ensure any surface dust or particles are accounted for.


Order your calibration weight kit from us direct from our website.