Two square white plates are next to each other with a knife and fork on either side, both on a table with a red and white checkered tablecloth. The left plate has a large portion of spaghetti and meat sauce and the right plate has a much smaller portion.

Getting Healthy in 2020? The Best Digital Kitchen Scales

Health benefits of weighing your food

Aside from the benefit of using great digital kitchen scales to accurately measure food ingredients for baking and cooking, it is also a really useful tool to have around if you are looking to eat healthier or cut down after a period of indulgence. Even those who have a healthy diet and regularly make balanced meals can fall into the trap of not controlling the size of the portions they are eating.


Your digital kitchen scale can give accurate and consistent measurements meaning you can actively manage your portion sizes as well as make great tasting food. It is important to have a scale that is easy to use, gives a clear reading and can be used time and again with the same result.


It’s also helpful to weigh your food if you are using a tracker to measure your food intake as you can put the real amount that you have consumed in the tracker rather than an estimate. For example, right from breakfast, there could be a wide variation in perception between a small or medium bowl of cereal! In some cases, you may not have a clear idea of what a “reasonable” portion size is, it might be more than you think!

The Truweigh Crimson digital food scale is weighing a portion of almonds in the collapsible silicone bowl. Two cans of almonds are stacked to the right, the top can is open with the lid sitting next to the cans. Everything sits on a white marble surface.

Measuring food isn’t always about weight loss or recipes. If you are often working out at the gym, your goal may be to increase your protein intake. By weighing food that is high in protein you can check that you are taking on enough nutrients to allow your workout to help you to build muscle rather than just burn fat.


Once you are in the habit of weighing your food to get on top of portion control, it will be easier to estimate the right portion size for your needs when you are next eating out. However if you travel a lot for work or are away from home, there is nothing to stop you from still weighing out food portions. There are plenty of discrete mini digital scales that will help you stay on track.


Top three Truweigh digital kitchen scales for portion control and food preparation

The Truweigh Wave digital washdown scale sits on its side in a drying rack of dishes after being washed.

  1. Our Wave scale is the best option for a kitchen scale as it has a handy washdown feature. Weighing a sticky or otherwise messy product? No problem for the Wave - when you're done you can just wash it under the tap! The other amazing feature on this scale is its check-weigh feature. This is great when you are baking. You can simply program the high and low ends of your target range, and the backlight will change colours to indicate if you are below, on target, or over your target weight.
    The Truweigh Vortex digital kitchen scale sits on a granite countertop and the weighing bowl is filled with dry tortellini pasta.
  2. Next up is the more traditional looking Vortex kitchen scale. It is also a great all-round option for all your kitchen needs, whether it’s for measuring ingredients for a recipe, or tracking portions via your fitness app. The scale is easy to store and the bowl can act as a cover for the scale when not in use. Did we mention the bowl is also dishwasher safe?
    The Truweigh Crimson digital food scale is turned off, cover on inside the collapsed silicone weighing bowl. A female hand holds the scale and a packet of superfood protein powder in her hand above a wood floor.
  3. Travel a lot or being mega disciplined? Our Crimson scale with red collapsible silicone bowl is an ideal mini digital scale that is very portable. The stylish design is right at home in any kitchen and will allow you to stay on track with your goals. The silicone bowl contains and protects the scale when collapsed, keeping it safe from knocks and bumps. When fully expanded, the bowl provides a comfortably large volume for you to weigh your items in. Results are easy to read from the extra-large LCD with white backlight.
You can check out our full range of digital kitchen scales via our website.