Best 3 Digital Scales for Cannabis

Best 3 Digital Scales for Cannabis

The day stoners anticipate all year is finally on the horizon: the 20th of April, otherwise known as 4/20. But this year is extra special—the holiday will take place in the fourth month of 2020, so for once in our lifetimes, we’ll have an entire month of 4/20!


One way to celebrate this monumental cannabis month is to invest in a smoking essential you’ve been missing in your kit: a digital scale. Scales confirm that you got what you paid for (or didn’t) and help you ration out remaining bud. They’re also a great way to start tapering off by decreasing your consumption each day.


If you’re not a frequent smoker but want to partake on this unique 4/20, having a digital scale allows you to accurately dose your intake. Overdoing it can cause paranoia or anxiety for infrequent smokers, and that’s not a very fun way to celebrate the holiday.


Of course, some digital scales are better than other for weighing cannabis. Here are our favorite weed-friendly scales that are sure to enhance your smoking experiences this month and on!


For the bulk buyer…

 The Truweigh Crimson digital scale is turned on and weighing the full silicone bowl filled with cannabis. The scale reads 55.99g.

If you have large quantities to weigh at once, the Crimson scale is a great, multi-functional option. It comes with a collapsible silicone bowl that’s deep enough to dump your entire haul into. The airtight lid on the bowl also makes it perfect for storing your bud after you’ve weighed it. The Crimson is available in three different sizes so you can choose the one best suited for your needs.


For the minimalist…

 The Truweigh Blaze digital mini scale is set out on a counter next to its box and the cover is set to the side. It sits next to a small RAW rolling trays with RAW rolling papers and a yellow Clipper lighter.

First of all, this one is called the Blaze, so it must be perfect for weighing cannabis!

The Blaze digital mini scale is small and compact, so it’s sure to easily fit in any stoner kit. You can even throw it in your purse or pocket. Don’t let its size fool you, though—the Blaze has special features that separate it from the rest. The durable, hard plastic cover also doubles as an expansion tray. Plus, it measures precisely down to the 0.01 gram. Also our most affordable scale, the Blaze is a simple and handy tool to have in your kit.


For the stoner on-the-go…

 A female hand holds the green Truweigh Tuff-Weigh digital scale in her hand along with a green Ooze bowser bowl.

The Tuff-Weigh is our most durable digital scale, making it ideal for traveling, camping or just commuting to a friend’s. It features a rubberized, impact-resistant cover for added protection against bumps and knocks. The hinged cover also detaches and opens up for a larger weighing tray if it’s needed. The Tuff-Weighs are available in multiple colors so all you color-coordinating smokers can match the rest of your setup!


Treat yourself to a digital scale this month to ensure accuracy and grant peace of mind. Choose a scale with features that best fit your lifestyle and individual requirements. Once you’ve selected the best digital scale for your cannabis needs, you’re ready to calibrate it so it’s ready for 4/20 festivities!


Not sure how to weigh your dose? Check out our tips for the achieving most accurate measurements.