The Truweigh Crimson digital scale is in use on a wood table. The silicone bowl is filled to the brim with cannabis nugs, and the screen reads 55.99 grams.

Never Get Ripped Off Again

One of the great aspects of marijuana legalization and the regulation that comes with it is that you always know exactly what you’re getting when you purchase. Here’s the thing—no matter how many states legalize, there will always be smokers who buy from independent dealers, especially with the lack of recreational depots in most states. The marijuana black market (even though we always recommend buying from a state-tested facility) is still alive and well.


If you, like many others, still get your bud the old-fashioned way, it’s important to know if you’re getting what you paid for. It’s tough to accurately eyeball an amount of a product that’s pretty much always different. The foolproof way to make sure you’re not getting ripped off is simply to keep a pocket scale in your stoner kit!

 A white female hand holds a black pop top vial and the Truweigh Gauge digital mini scale in her left hand. The lid on the vial is closed and the cover on the scale is on.

In order to make sure you actually use your scale, its important to invest in one that’s easy to keep right in your stoner stash so you always have it when it’s needed. Our Gauge and Blaze pocket scales are super lightweight and compact options that are easy to throw in your purse or box.


If you’re looking for slightly more durable options, we love the Tuff-Weigh digital mini scale with its rubberized, impact-resistant exterior. It also features a detachable cover that can be used as an expansion tray for your nugs! The Marine, another one of our most durable pocket scales, is water and dust resistant.


Once you have your scale, make sure it’s correctly calibrated before weighing your pick-up. Minor fluctuations in scales are normal, especially if your plug is using a small scale on the go as well. If your bag is off by 0.1 grams, consider it even. If your bag is off by 0.3 grams or more, however, you’re probably getting ripped off.

 The Truweigh Mini Crimson digital scale is weighing a large cannabis nug that weighs 0.82 grams. The scale is on a Rick and Morty Sauce Wars dab mat, with a box of Kashmir pre-rolled cones laying next to it.

That being said, your safety just isn’t worth 0.3 grams of weed (even if it feels like it might be after a long day), so don’t ever confront your dealer. Chances are you don’t know your plug on a deeply personal level, so don’t try to argue or put up a fight– simply stop buying from them.  


Besides making sure that you’re getting your money’s worth, having a scale handy to weigh your goods is a great way to get acquainted with your true tolerance levels as well as make your weed go further. Weigh your total amount before you consume any of it so you can more accurately ration it out between sessions. This way you can get a better idea of how long it will last you, or even work on gradually reducing the amount you’re smoking to lower your tolerance.


Before your next pick-up, make sure you have a way to get all the facts. Knowledge is power, so pick yourself up a pocket scale and get ripped, not ripped off.