Truweigh ECO Kinetic Energy Mini Scale - 1000g x 0.1g

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The ECO Kinetic Energy scale is powered by YOU! Since it requires no batteries, it’s super eco-friendly. Just crank the handle on the side to power it up as-needed. The mechanical energy from your hand is transformed into electrical energy as the handle is pushed.  

Weigh up to 1,000g and measure to 0.1g with this ECO scale. This mini bench-style scale includes a large expansion tray to hold whatever you need to weigh. It’s packed with all the features you need, including Tare/Zero, one-button calibration, and overload protection.  


  • Kinetic Energy Scale 
  • 1,000g Capacity 
  • 0.1g Readability 
  • White 
  • Large Weighing Tray 
  • Bench Style Scale 
  • Overload Protection 
  • Tare Feature 
  • One-Button Calibration 
  • Powered by You! 
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty