Truweigh Intrepid Series Black Compact Bench Scale w/ Calibration Weight – 600g x 0.01g

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The Truweigh Intrepid Series Compact Bench Scale is a heavy-duty, large capacity digital scale. A large, flat scale comes equipped with a 500g calibration weight to keep it as accurate as possible from the first use, and every use beyond. This scale can weigh up to 600g and measures to 0.01g. 
  • INTREPID SERIES | The Truweigh Intrepid Series compact bench scales with bowls are the largest capacity digital scales this brand offers. These are great for processors, growers, and dispensaries to use for accurate cannabis weighing and dosing.
  • 10KG CAPACITY | This bench scale has a huge capacity. It can weigh up to 10,000g, or 10kg, and measures to 1g. The scale can measure in the units g, kg, lb, oz, and lb:oz.
  • LARGE BOWL | This sale includes a very large plastic weighing bowl that has a 74oz capacity. The scale can be stored inside the bowl when not in use, protecting the weighing platform.
  • FUNCTIONS | This scale has more than just basic on/off functions and switching between units. It features simple one-touch calibration, tare function, auto shut-off, and piece counting function.