Calibration Weight - 100G

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While your Truweigh scale is professionally calibrated before it's packaged, there are several different factors that can alter the calibration once it gets to you. To ensure the most accurate readings possible, it's important to use a calibration weight or weights that match the exact capacity of the scale.




Truweigh offers individual calibration weights to accompany your scale, as well as weight kits that are handy for calibrating a range of different scales, or reaching a more unusual capacity weight.

Calibration Weight

This 100g calibration weight is ideal for Truweigh digital scales with a capacity of 100g, or combine multiple weights for scales with a capacity of 200g, 300g, and so on.


  • OIML Class M1 Calibration Weight
  • 100g
  • Chromed Steel with Adjustment Seal on Bottom
  • Tolerance: ±0.005g