World's First IP65 Water-Resistant Pocket Scale Launches - The Truweigh Blog - Marine Water Proof Resistant Dust Proof Durable New Product Launch Announcement

World's First IP65 Water-Resistant Pocket Scale Launches

Our brand new, water-resistant digital pocket scale

We are delighted to launch our latest innovation in digital pocket scales: the Marine. It is the world’s first water-resistant digital pocket scale with IP65 rating, meaning it is also dust-proof. It looks super slick, with a white backlit LCD and black titanium chrome platform. We also include a large expansion tray/lid for an extended weighing surface.

World's First IP65 Water-Resistant Pocket Scale Launches - The Truweigh Blog - Waterproof Dustproof Dust Proof Durable Marine Digital Scale IP 65 Rating

Benefits of a water-resistant pocket scale

  • Innovation we love bringing our partners and customers the latest in digital scale innovation, and are proud to be the first to bring the washdown scale to a pocket-size. We have brought this new feature without compromising on style or the quality and accuracy that our customers have come to expect.
  • Less mess – being able to fully wash the scale ensures there is minimal mess for any use. The easy maintenance allows your Marine to always look clean and professional, while always performing at the optimum level.
  • Convenience when on the move, it's easy for little knocks and spills to happen when out and about. The IP65 washdown rating gives you the confidence to know that your Marine can be completely cleaned quickly and conveniently, always ready for the next job.
  • Location – sometimes you may need to use your scale in difficult environments, such as outdoors in the rain. It is always reassuring to know that a little water will not impact the performance of your Marine scale.
World's First IP65 Water-Resistant Digital Pocket Scale Launches - The Truweigh Blog - Marine Scale Waterproof Dust Proof Durable Washdown

Typical Use cases for IP65 water resistant scales

  • Medicine If you need to weigh out your medications or topical ointments, it's easy to spill a little bit onto the scale. Luckily, you can quickly wipe the Marine down with a damp cloth and it will be back in business without the fear of anything sticky getting stuck on the weighing components! This scale is an excellent option when you require a clean and sterile environment.
  • Camping Stick your Marine in your backpack when you head to the great outdoors for all sorts of uses! Great for measuring out coffee for the ideal brew, food prep, and even reloading ammo on a hunting trip; you'll never have to fret about dirt, debris, or moisture creeping inside and degrading the scale. Simply wipe it down and it will operate perfectly for your entire trip.
  • Chemicals & Science – Using a washdown IP65 rated scale in a lab environment allows scientists to carry out small-scale experiments, and easily maintain the scale to a high standard of cleanliness while reducing the risk of contamination.  Being able to clean the scale at the end of each test will ensure increased accuracy and precisionand a more durable scale that won’t need replaced frequently.

Including all the Truweigh digital mini-scale features you know and love

We continue to incorporate all the features of a digital pocket scale that you have come to trust us for: counting function, programmable auto off, and built-in overload protection to protect from damage.  

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