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Why Weighing Coffee is Important for the Best Flavor

Why weighing coffee is as important as weighing for baking

How many cups of coffee have you had this week so far, maybe even today? If you are a coffee aficionado, you probably know your flat white from your cappuccino and have an opinion on whether Colombian beans taste better than Kenyan. Whether you make your own or pop down to your local coffee shop for your caffeine fix, one thing is always true: one of the keys to ensuring great flavor time after time is to weigh the coffee with a digital scale.

When making high quality barista-style coffee, using a digital scale to weigh coffee is as important as it would be to weigh every ingredient when baking. In fact, some coffee shops even follow their own coffee “recipe” to ensure that their signature flavor is the same every time.

Consistent coffee flavor

Why Weighing Coffee is Important for the Best Flavor - Truweigh Digital Scales Food Kitchen Coffee Barista Home Enigma

Most people tend to think that measuring out coffee can stop at the point of weighing the beans. It’s important to weigh the coffee again once it has been ground for a more accurate measurement. The weight of the coffee will be different from scooping it out depending on what type of grind is used. Some baristas also weigh out the water to check that the yield is the same each time too.

For coffee shop staff, it might seem crazy to add a step in the process that takes time. However, when there are a lot of busy customers crying out for their lattes, adding a weighing step into the process ensures that those customers come back time and again for that consistent taste and flavor.

There are a wide variety of different scales that can be used, but the Truweigh Marine is IP65 rated for water and dust ingress protection. This means that even if you accidentally dump the entire scoop right on the scale, you can simply run it under the sink to remove any debris. It's also idea for pour-over preparation as it can easily withstand spills.

Are you more of a home barista?

Just because you are making your favorite coffee at home, doesn’t mean you can't weigh your coffee for a consistent flavor. This great video on YouTube shows step by step how to use “gravimetric” approach to making espresso this way.

Once you have ground your coffee, weigh it on a small digital scale such as the Truweigh Enigma to ensure that you are using the same amount every time. Then prepare your coffee machine to make the espresso. Pop the scale onto the coffee machine with the espresso cup on top and start pouring. Be ready to stop when it hits the weigh amount you are looking for. The video recommends aiming for 18g of dried coffee with 38g as the weight of the finished espresso, but you can pick the measurement that best suits your personal taste.

Top tips for the best tasting home-brewed coffee

Whilst weighing your coffee is a key element of ensuring you have the best brew possible every time you have your coffee, below are all the factors to consider that can really improve the taste and flavor.

  1. Investing in a digital scale for weighing coffee ensures consistent flavor every time. Look for a scale with an accuracy of at least 0.1g, a clear readable screen and a TARE function.  
  2. Always grind your coffee just before you are about to drink it. Using pre-ground coffee opens up the coffee to oxygen and can potentially make it taste stale and lack flavor.
  3. Filter your water. It’s a quick and easy improvement to the flavor of your coffee, again to improve freshness and flavor.  Whatever you do, don’t use the same old water that has been in the machine for a few days.
  4. Take the time to heat up the coffee cup to keep the coffee at an ideal temperature when it is poured out.  This can either be done by popping the cups on the top of the machine or by quickly running some hot water through the steamer into the cup to warm it up at the bottom where the coffee is going to be.
  5. If you want to get really techie and save the environment, think about switching your machine off to save electricity. Then invest in a Wi-Fi app to switch it on remotely – now you can be sure the machine will be ready whenever you are.

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