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The popularity of vaping started to take off back in 2009, with the US as the biggest market globally. Many vape users enjoy being part of an engaged community that like to share their experiences. They enjoy building and modifying their own device and trying a variety of flavors. 

Recently, there has been an increasing trend from vaping enthusiasts creating DIY e-liquids. This has come about in order to off-set the high cost cost of manufactured vape liquids and also enable a more personalized flavor.  For those who are cutting down on nicotine it can also allow users to taper the amount of nicotine within your e-liquid.

Did you know that mixing your own e-liquids by weight is more accurate than mixing by volume? 

Measuring your e-liquid by weight is faster

Using a totalization feature allows you to quickly measure out ingredients. You are also able to keep track of the total weight. There is a free e-liquid calculator available at http://www.steam-engine.org/juice.html

It can be more accurate to measure by weight than volume

Volume measurements with syringes or pipettes can be time consuming and imprecise. Weighing ingredients with the Element scale from Truweigh can give you clear and precise results in seconds.

By avoiding the use of pipettes there is less mess and risk of skin contact

No pipettes also can mean that there is less clean-up required.  Ingredients can be poured straight into the batch and you are ready to mix.  We advise extreme caution as concentrated nicotine is highly toxic and needs to be handled properly.  Be sure to double check your calculations before mixing your own e-liquids and follow all precautions listed by the supplier.

If you decide to make your own e-liquid by weight, we recommend following a recipe to ensure accurate mixing, combined with an e-liquid calculator as mentioned above.  This great blog from Make My Vape outlines all the steps and items you will require such as gloves, e-liquid calculator, containers and of course scales!

Best scale for DIY e-liquid

The ELEMENT E-liquid Scale is the first scale designed to meet the needs of this growing DIY e-liquid market. The handy Totalization feature allows you to display the total sum of a series of weight measurements - Perfect for obtaining precise ratios of ingredients. Results are easy to read on the green back-lit LCD in any lighting condition. Built-in overload protection helps prevent damage to the scale.  Visit the website to find out more about other Truweigh scale options.