Tips for Holiday Travel: How to Weigh Your Luggage

Tips for Holiday Travel: How to Weigh Your Luggage

Traveling over the holidays? Holiday travel is stressful enough, and there is nothing worse than getting to the airport and having to pay excess baggage fees. 

Fees for overweight luggage can get pretty expensive and even go up to a couple hundred dollars per bag, so having your luggage weighed before your flight is essential. Whether you're juggling multiple checked bags or only checking one, the airlines are going to weigh your luggage to make sure it meets the maximum requirements. 

Luggage travel tips 

Each airline has its own set of sizing requirements for luggage, however, checked luggage sizes are pretty standard across the board. The standard for checked luggage is about 62 linear inches (linear inches is the sum total of the bag's length, width and height) and about 50 pounds.

A young Asian man pushes a baggae trolley carrying two large pieces of luggage and a backpack. He is walking through a fairly busy airport.

Domestic airlines don’t have weight requirements for carry-on luggage, but they do when it comes to size and dimension. Carry-ons vary by airline, but a size of about 22 by 14 by 9 inches is most common, as they must fit in overhead compartments. 

Airlines also allow one small personal item in addition to your carry on. The dimensions vary, as it must fit completely under the seat in front of you. 

Pro Tip: All airlines are different. Before you start measuring and weighing your luggage, be sure to check your airline's sizing requirements on their website. 

The best way to avoid unexpected baggage fees for oversized luggage is to weigh your luggage at home before you set off on your next trip. 

How to weigh your luggage for your next trip

A female hand holds the Truweigh Hook digital hanging scale inside the front pocket of a black carry-on suitcase. The suitcase is laying on its side on the ground.

To make your holiday trip as smooth and easy as can be, we recommend getting a luggage scale. They’re light, and easily transportable -- you can just pack it inside one of the smaller compartments of your suitcase and forget about it until you have to head to the airport again. 

Traveling with your own portable luggage scale allows you to pack accordingly and, if you purchase too many souvenirs on the way back, you can easily make sure that your bag isn’t overweight. Let’s be honest, no one likes to have to move things around between bags in the middle of the airport check-in line.  

Truweigh Hook Digital Hanging Scale 

The Truweigh Hook Digital Hanging Scale has a 110lb capacity and is accurate to 0.2lb. With an Auto-hold feature, you can easily record the weight of your luggage while you're holding it and lock the weight on the screen, allowing you to read it comfortably without straining your wrist. 

A female hand with pink nail polish and a mustard yellow sleeve hold the Truweigh Hook digital hanging scale. The scale is weighing a brown leather purse.

This hanging scale is super compact and light (only weighs 0.291lbs) so you can bring it with you on your trip, no problem! This way, you can make sure your souvenirs, alcohol, or extra snacks don’t tip the scale. If they are, you can decide what to keep, what to ditch or where to put what before you get to the airport. 

Make your holiday trip as smooth as possible and avoid excess baggage fees by getting a hanging scale to weigh your luggage!