Simple Holiday Baking Suggestions for the Whole Family

Simple Holiday Baking Suggestions for the Whole Family

It’s only a few weeks until the holiday season kicks off in earnest and we all get some much-needed time with friends and family. Here at Truweigh, our team loves the festive season and the opportunity to combine food with our scale range is one not to be missed. We have shared some ideas for holiday baking below, whether it is simply baking with the kids, making festive home-made gifts or the traditional Christmas fruit cake.

Baking with the kids this Winter

For those with young children, practicing baking in the kitchen can be a great way to tempt them away from their screens and spend some focused time together. It’s also a fun learning exercise as they get a chance to weigh and measure ingredients, not to mention taste their creations.

A mom and two young kits are making Christmas sugar cookies wearing Santa hats. The little girl is using a cookie cutter to cut out a shape, while the mom and little boy also hold cookie cutters and watch the little girl.

There are many fun and simple recipes for younger children. The older ones might enjoy making something more challenging, like a gingerbread house. Pinterest is a treasure trove of ideas and suggestions, such as snow-man cupcakes with marshmallows for the snow man’s body. Alternatively, you could go more traditional and make sugar cookies with cookie cutter shapes and then decorate them with icing and sprinkles. 

Get your kids to help with writing out a list of ingredients and then take them through step-by-step measuring of the ingredients and following instructions. You will even find that they enjoy cleaning up, so fill the sink up with suds and step back. It’s a lovely way for you both to have fun together, plus you get to taste the goodies!

Treat your hosts to some home-baked delights

With sustainability and less waste continuing to be a big trend this winter, you could make edible gifts this year rather than purchasing more stuff that people don’t need. The next time you are invited to friends for festive drinks, impress your hosts with some home-made truffles, perhaps even infused with a little something stronger. The craze for gin and tonic isn’t going away so why not make some gin and tonic truffles? Be sure to weigh out all your ingredients accurately so that the alcohol content is enough to give a little kick but not completely overwhelm the flavor.

Traditional Christmas?  There is still time to get baking that fruit cake

For the traditionalists, there is still time to make a Christmas fruit cake that can be fed with rum or brandy for the next few weeks for a treat on Christmas day or after the 25th. Often a family recipe handed down through the generations; a classic fruit cake is rich in mixed dried fruit and gorgeous dark brown sugar made ahead of time (usually around Halloween for the organized types!). The cake usually takes a couple hours to bake and can then be topped off when the holidays start with more rum, brandy or a bit of glaze. It’s a long ingredient list and our Vortex bowl scale is ideal for weighing and measuring.

Kitchen scales to suit all your baking needs

Truweigh Wave scale has a large bowl of flour on it, with flour spilled outside of the bowl. The scale is on an orange background, and a measuring bup, banana and almond milk are also in the frame.

We have a range of kitchen scales that can suit your needs no matter what kind of baking you are planning to undertake. We recommend that whichever scale you do choose, you look for a high quality digital scale. Baking is more of a science than traditional home cooking so it’s important that your measurements are precise to the needs of the recipe. A clear, bright, easy-read screen is also useful. Some of our scales include a separate measuring bowl which can be stored with the scale and is a great space saver. All of our scales are backed by a ten-year warranty. You can order your digital scales direct from us here!