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Meal Prep & Plan On-the-Go With Truweigh Crimson Digital Mini Scale

Eating properly portioned, well-balanced meals can be difficult when you aren’t in your normal routine. Nearly everyone overestimates serving sizes, which is why it’s important to have the right tools to make sure your meal prepping and meal planning don’t go South.

Meal Prep & Plan on the go with Truweigh Crimson Digital Mini Scale - Food Scale White Background Kitchen Scale Silicone Weighing Bowl Tupperware

Ensure you’re getting the best, even when you are away from home. Our Crimson Digital Mini Scale is the perfect compact scale to use while traveling so you can keep track of all of your meal planning and feel your best!        

Truweigh Crimson Digital Mini Scale 

Some of your traditional kitchen scales may not come with a bowl or an easy way to keep your food in one place on the weighing platform. Luckily, the Truweigh Crimson Digital Mini Scale comes with a silicone bowl so you can not only accurately and securely measure, but it also contains and protects the scale when collapsed.     

Meal Prep and Plan on the go with Truweigh Crimson Digital Mini Scale - Smartphone Compact Portable iPhone in Hand Silicone Collapsible Weighing Bowl

The collapsible silicone bowl not only helps keep the scale safe from knocks and bumps while you’re on the go, but it’s also roughly the size of an iPhone, so it also helps save space in your suitcase.     

When fully expanded, the bowl provides a comfortably large volume for you to weigh your food mess-free. When you’re done, simply collapse the silicone bowl, slide in the scale, latch the cover, and you’re good to go!   

Nowhere to put your food or snacks? You can also use the silicone bowl to store your goodies! 

Featuring an extra-large LCD screen with white back-light and clearly labeled buttons, the scale is both easy-to-use and easy-to-read. The scale reaches a max capacity of 200g (7 oz) and is perfect to use for meal prepping while travelling. 

Weigh single portion meals, protein powder, veggies, snacks, and more! Pre-weigh what you need so you don’t have to lug around any measuring utensils or worry about your diet. The scale also easily converts between g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, and gn so you can measure anything.  

Meal Planning & Prepping During Travel 

Meal Prep and Planning on the Go with Truweigh Crimson Digital Mini Scale - Portions Healthy Food Cooking Meals Multiple Tupperware Containers with Nutritious Food and Food Scale Beans

Sick of confining to the loads of sugar and processed foods found in airports, on airplanes, and at gas stations? Meal planning while travelling is a great way to make sure you’re getting the best. 

When people travel, they tend to put more thought into what to pack in their suitcases and not enough thought into what they’ll eat. The next time you travel or hit the road, don’t forget to plan some well-balanced meals and pack some healthy snacks. 

Learning how to weigh your food using a food scale is the most accurate way to control your portions, especially when you’re on the road. Food scales make all the difference when it comes to your diet and food intake, especially because even the minor differences can really add up. 

Quit eyeballing, start meal planning and take the Crimson with you next time you hit the road! 

Other things this scale is ideal for: cash and carry stores, headshops, weighing jewelry, health purposes, weighing nutrients or medications, and sport and shooting purposes. 

Let us know where you take your Truweigh Crimson Digital Mini Scale!