The Truweigh Crimson food scale sits on top of a pile of six meal prep containers that are filled with food. A large container of blueberries and a large container of strawberries are in front. Behind, a bunch of bananas and the Truweigh Vortex kitchen sc

Make Your New Years Resolution a Sustainable One

Ah, here we are in 2020! As is always true, an overwhelming number of claims are being made by pretty much everyone about how they’re going to change their lives in the New Year. There seems to be even more pressure to achieve wild ambitions this year with it being a new decade! I don’t know about you, but I tend to hear lots of lofty goals regarding health, exercise and weight that are much easier said than done.

 The Truweigh Crimson food scale is weighing out individual servings of black beans to be added to the meal prep containers being filled around the scale. Each container already has a serving of ground turkey and roasted potatoes.

This isn’t to say it can’t be done, but the means to achieve the goals we set for ourselves may not be very sustainable. Completely cutting out certain food groups can burn you out quickly, as can eating too little. That’s why we always joke, “How long will your resolution last?” We set expectations for ourselves that are too high, go overboard and quit.


But New Year’s resolutions can be very powerful if set correctly. Small changes to our diets and eating habits can make a big difference over time– the unfortunate reality is that we can’t lose 30 pounds overnight. A really easy and small change to make in your eating habits is using a food scale like the Crimson or Vortex scales. Keeping one of these in the kitchen can help immensely with portion control and overindulging. Especially after the holiday bingeing, it can be tough to scale our portions back to an appropriate size. The detachable and dishwasher safe bowls on these scales make it easy to weigh out your snacks. You can even take the Crimson weighing bowl with you as Tupperware!

 The Truweigh Vortex kitchen scale sits on a granite counter. It has a serving of lime tortilla chips being weighed, and an individual guacamole pack is next to the scale with the seal still in tact. The bag of chips is behind the scale.

Weighing your food portions can be useful in a few ways. First, knowing the exact amount of what you're eating makes it much easier to keep track of macros or calories – whichever is the focus of your chosen diet. Both the Crimson and the Vortex scales easily convert between grams, ounces and more, making it super easy to log your food portions in the program or app you’re using.

The Truweigh Vortex kitchen scale is turned on and sitting on a counter. It is filled with sliced mushrooms, green peppers and onions, weighing 200 grams.

Or, maybe you weigh out the portions you would typically eat for a week and then work on halving those amounts in the weeks going forward. Such a goal is easy to achieve with food scales! This way you can still eat all your favorite foods and don’t have to cut anything out or feel like you’re “cheating” when you indulge. You can just be confident that you’re consuming less.

 The Truweigh Vortex kitchen scale is turn on and sitting on a counter. It has a serving of dry shell pasta, weighing 40 grams.

It can be intimidating and even frustrating to try to start a new habit, but food scales with bowls can make it easier and a lot more enjoyable to achieve your goal, whether its for weight loss or just your overall health. Make 2020 the year you set sustainable goals for yourself. If you’ve never tried portion control, maybe it’s the year to give it a try with the Crimson or Vortex!