A female hand with three hair ties on her wrist holds the Truweigh Wave washdown bench scale. The scale is soapy from just being washed, and is held above  a white sink with soap, hand sanitizer and a plant on the ledge.

Make a Splash with a Truweigh Washdown Scale

Gone are the days where you need a pipe cleaner to maintain your digital scales. With our original washdown scales, all you need to do is run it under warm sink water and scrub away any residue or debris without worrying about the integrity of the product.  

 The Lineup

Our Wave and Marine scales are both water-resistant, whereas other scales are sensitive in moist environments and can even give false reads. Rated IP65, you can pretty much blast these babies with a firehose to clean them if you wanted… so minor (or major) spills are definitely not an issue.

The Truweigh Wave Washdown scale sits in a white porcelain sink and is wet from having just been rinsed off.

The Wave is a bench scale with a large weighing platform, great for measuring chemicals in a lab or any other use where you need to maintain sterile cleanliness and avoid cross-contamination. This scale is also a great option for meal-prepping or other uses in the kitchen where sticky spills can happen.

The Truweigh Marine Washdown pocket scale is laying in grass with some small white flowers surrounding it.

The Marine is a pocket-scale version of the Wave, making it perfect for weighing medicine or other on-the-go substances. Take this durable and convenient scale with you camping for a perfect cup ‘o joe or any other unpredictable environment where the seams of the scale may get dirty or moist. Then, just wipe it down or run it under the sink when you get home, and trust that the technology inside hasn’t degraded a bit. 


 Ready to get down and dirty

Not only are these scales splash-proof, they’re also dust resistant so you can trust that you’re getting a precise reading at all times. Dust and residue getting stuck in the seams of other scales can build up over time, especially if you’re not regularly cleaning it. Buildup underneath the scale can affect the reading since the item being weighed must be supported by the scale itself, and buildup on the pan can also add weight to the object on the scale.


Because of this, you can trust these scales to have longer lives than ones without water and dust resistance. Even a minor slip-up (we all do it!) that causes a bit of liquid on the scale can damage or even ruin it… no matter how new or expensive it is. With these splash-proof scales, there’s no need to be cautious. Plus, without the build-up of dust and residue, your scale will continue to perform as if it were new. Think of the benefit of these scales as not just being able to dunk them in a bucket of water, but the durability the water- and dust-resistant factors give them. You get the best bang for your buck as you’ll have a trusty, quality scale for years to come.


Both of these washdown options are backlit to enable 24/7 use (and to add sleek, good looks), feature overload protection and offer a programable auto-off option. The sheer durability and versatility of these scales make them must-haves for campers and hikers, nutritionists, chemists, vendors and travelers. So go out there and get down and dirty with the full-sized Wave and pocket-sized Marine washdown scales.