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With the nutrition industry booming and fitness & well-being high on the agenda for many of us, it can be tempting to jump on the next healthy-eating band-wagon. Before you do this, there are many simple methods to adopt which will ensure that you are eating well. These can be adopted without having to go on a strict or expensive diet regime. Below are 3 simple changes you can make to your routine which will help you be more disciplined, keep food costs down and ultimately have a beneficial impact on your own weight.

1. Plan meals in advance

Life can get very busy with work, bringing up the kids and a seemingly never-ending to-do list. It can be easy to reach for convenience food at the end of the day. Unfortunately, these types of meals can be packed with calories. Try planning a week’s food menu in advance. If you are stuck for inspiration, there are many free meal-plans online, or ask friends and family about their go-to healthy meals. Once you have this plan, you can buy the week’s food and snacks in advance so that it will be less tempting to call a take away when its been a long, tiring day. It also enables you to ensure that you are building all the right goodness into your meals with a good balance and variety of food.

2. Batch cooking

Our second tip to help with healthy eating is batch cooking, so that you have your own convenience food in the freezer ready for the end of a busy day. When you have time to cook a chili or bolognese, measure out double (or more) of the quantities in the recipe and freeze some portions – often they taste even better when re-heated as all the flavors have intensified.

You may even want to batch cook some rice or pasta at the beginning of the week to keep in the fridge and re-heat when needed.  This is a real time-saver and the right amount can be weighed out on the night you need it – a great option for busy families where it feels like everyone has a different mealtime.

3.      Portion sizes

This is a big one. You may be up to speed on eating well and exercising but your scale is telling a different story. Perhaps its down to your portion sizes? Read this fascinating article by Michael Easter which talks about what happened when he measured his food for four months. For example, a healthy peanut butter snack turned out to be 3 times the calories as he was eating more than 1 portion. 

Another good example is pasta, the recommended portion size is 80g of dried pasta - try weighing out your pasta the next time you are cooking and you may be surprised by the result! 

Accurately measuring out ingredients and portions can really help with weight control.

Benefits of Truweigh digital scales

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Our multi-functional CRIMSON collapsible bowl mini-scale is a compact affordable solution which includes a large collapsible silicone bowl and latching cover for incredible versatility. The silicone bowl contains and protects the scale when collapsed, keeping it safe from knocks and bumps. When fully expanded, the bowl provides a comfortably large volume for you to weigh your food in.

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