Best Digital Scale for Ice Fishing

Best Digital Scale for Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a rewarding sport, but only if you have everything you need. There are ways to prove you landed a big catch, and a digital fish scale is the best solution. 

A female hand with bright green nail polish holds the Truweigh Force Digital Hanging scale in front o f a white wooden background. The scale is held by her second, middle and ring fingers.

Digital Fish Scales for Ice Fishing 

In addition to all of your layers of clothing, you need the proper ice fishing gear to have a successful trip in your shanty. Your gear list should include things like an auger, bucket, ice scoop, digital fish scales and more. 

Digital fish scales for ice fishing should be easy-to-use, especially in freezing temperatures, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time freezing your fingers off trying to get it to work. In fact, most should allow you to keep your gloves on while you weigh your catch, an added bonus.  

Fishing scales are typically small and easy to fit in your tackle box or pocket so you’ll be less likely to forget it. 

Pro Tip: There are some laws that require anglers to keep a specific size and length, which is one reason a fishing scale comes in handy. 

If you’re headed out on the ice, we have the best digital fish scale you need in your tackle box. 

Truweigh Force Digital Hanging Scale 

The Force Digital Hanging Scale is an excellent choice for anyone preparing to hit the ice this winter season. At less than $20, and with a capacity of 110 lbs, it has a much higher capacity than most fishing scales in this price range.    

A female hand with red nail polish holds the Truweigh Force Digital Hanging scale indoors with the tape measure extended, and held between her thumb and middle finger.

Not convinced? The Truweigh Force is your new versatile year-round tool and it can be used in any season.  

The Force has a compact design that fits in perfectly with your ice fishing gear -- you won’t even know it’s there. Not only is the Force great for weighing your next big catch, but it also includes a tape measure that extends from the bottom right side so you can easily measure the length of your catch too. Results are also easy to read on the white back-lit LCD in any lighting condition so you can head out on the ice and weigh your fish at any time of day (though we recommend daylight for safety reasons).   

 The Truweigh Force Digital Hanging Scale sits among a pile of fishing gear, arranged neatly in front of a large, tan tackle box.

Additional uses of the Force Digital Hanging Scale: Fishing tournaments, grow shops, weighing luggage, and even measuring a bow's draw weight for archery due to the Peak Hold feature.   

What makes the Truweigh Force so great for ice fishing? You can easily hold this digital hanging scale handle with a few gloved fingers while weighing your catch, which is great for freezing temperatures. 

It’s also high capacity, so you can weigh the fish right in your net and subtract the weight. This means you don't get your hands all cold and wet, and it's also not as harsh on the fish.